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The story behind the Foro di studi avanzati Gaetano Massa

The Foro di Studi Avanzati Gaetano Massa has its origins as an association of scholars under the aegis of Dr. Gaetano Massa and Prof. Riccardo Campa in Rome and New York.


Dr. Gaetano Massa [1911-2009] was a scholar, journalist, and librarian of the art and literatures of Italy, Iberia and Latin America. Prof. Riccardo Campa [1934-] is a scholar of philosophy, literature and the cultures of Italy, Spain and Latin America and a colleague of Borges and Montale. Both remain profound patrons of the Republic of Letters to whom we all are all indebted. ...

Historical Texts

by Gaetano Massa

An illustrative example of the work of Gaetano Massa.


by Robert Lima

Gaetano Massa was very important in my life.  I met him in 1962 when, having finished a manuscript on the Spanish playwright Federico García Lorca, I went to the bookstore of Las Américas Publishing Company on East 23rd Street in New York City to speak to the publisher. Upon arriving at the second floor of the building, I entered a world of books.  ...

Conversazioni con Gaetano Massa e Riccardo Campa

 by Robert Berchman

"La rottura e la riconciliazione", associato alle metafore di senzatetto e di ritorno a casa che hanno dominato così tanto del pensiero occidentale da Omero, Virgilio e Dante, sono tra le "Conversazioni con Gaetanno Massa e Riccardo Campa condividiamo oggi. ...

Reflections on Aesthetics: Burckhardt and Croce

by Robert Berchman (Presidential Address, 1st Inaugual Conference, 2015 - revised version 2016)

Writing in Basel - with More, Reuchlin and Erasmus at his shoulder - Jacob Burckhardt published Die Kultur der Renaissance in Italien: Ein Versuch in 1860.  [Both he and] .. Croce could hardly have foreseen that their studies ... would become not only a decisive interpretation of a great period in history, but also an integral moment in celebrating the christening of the Foro di Studi Avanzati ‘Gaetano Massa’ in Roma today. ...

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